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We never hear from Kenny. He works and lives out of state but he ventures into New Orleans ever so often. The last actual contact we had with him was shortly after he found out that there was a picture of him dancing in our book Gotta Tango.

So it came as a surprise when I opened the email Friday morning and I saw a reply from Kenny to my Thursday afternoon email reminder titled, What to do tonight… simply saying, Tiki nite in the lounge and restaurant and Tango nite (back room 8pm)… Come on in and have some fun with us… La Thai, 4328 Prytania.

Kenny’s reply was also a short, The Lamotas are having a workshop tonight and thier (sic) weekly Friday milonga!. Since we were planning to take a couple of visiting friends from NYC to the Friday practice, I asked Kenny the times of the milonga. He confirmed what we already knew, 8-10 pm.

I was actually looking forward to seeing Kenny but he was a no show. During the evening, after a pleasant dance, a good friend asked what was all about “that tiki message.” Suddenly it all made sense. I had send the short last minute email reminder Thu 8/13/2009 at 5:22 PM. Most people by then had left their places of work so many read the message on Friday.

For years I have tried to figure where the insidious rumors about making women cry and scheduling conflicts came from, and here was Kenny providing the answer with his misreading of our announcement but having the respect and courtesy to point out what he saw as a conflict to me. I would guess that Kenny doesn’t have a bone to pick or envy issues or a deep sense of inadequacy, so he did what honorable people do. He communicated instead of joining those who repeat unfounded innuendos for the sole purpose of bringing harm for the sake of hurting.

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