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They were sweeter in real life   2 comments

By guest writer Kwana Minatee-Jackson

This weekend I had a real treat. The world of blogging is so odd. You have these strange relationships based on comments of snippets of a life a person felt free enough to share. I mean who knows how truthful or authentic the person on the other end of the computer is being? Are they who they portray themselves to be? It could all be smoke and mirrors and you could finally meet a person that you have a little blog crush on and it could be like meeting a star that you’ve seen in the movies and you’re like, “crap, they were much taller on screen.”Well folks, I’m happy to say I got to meet one, well two, of my blog crushes this weekend when my buddy Patricia (PVE) had Valorie, The Visual Vamp and her sweet love Alberto from New Orleans over for lunch.

I couldn’t wait to grab the DH and run up the hill to see them. First off the DH did think I was a little cra-zy. You’re meeting another blogger from where? Well not five minutes into our meeting he was just as taken as I was by Valorie and Alberto. They are two of the loveliest, sweet, funny and genuine people you’d ever want to meet.

And they tangoed for us!!! So beautiful. It’s now on my list.

Sunday afternoon was a great day. Thanks for a great lunch, Patricia. And it was a good feeling for me to come out from behind the computer myself and to meet someone who instantly felt like a friend and who was just what she presented herself to be…really real and a good vamp.

Kwana, Valorie and Patricia

For another lovely blogpost about Valorie and Alberto outing to Hastings-on-the-Hudson from host Patricia, please click HERE

LA SALIDA   2 comments

A video log of our first day of travel and arrival in Buenos Aires, complete with first salad, first wine and first milonga.

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One of the most rewarding experiences of being recognized as good educators when it comes to Argentine tango, is being asked often to give a presentation to a group of young children as part of their world education experience. Such was the case Thursday March 12 when we were the guests of honor at a prestigious school in Metairie for a 2 hour lecture, demonstration and lesson about the Argentine tango.

The maestro explains the basis of the exercise the children are going to practice.

Watch a short clip of the practice session,

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On occasion of the non New Orleans opening of Robert Duvall‘s cult movie Assassination Tango, the House of Tango in Uptown became the focus of another great party.

Robert, Aaron and Valorie dressed to kill

Robert, Valorie, Adrian and Joe posing for a mug shot

Julio and Denise gunning down the floor

A killer of a milonga at the House of Tango

Laughing Gary and lovely Phyllis

Denise and Julio

Valorie, Alberto, Alfonso and Annie

2001 MARDI GRAS PARTY   1 comment

These are the images of the 2001 Mardi Gras Milonga at Pierre Maspero’s in New Orleans
Courtesy of Gary and Phyllis Breaux

After having crashed the Krewe de Vieux parade with our own Krewe of the Mistickal Nights of the Tango, we diverted our march to the original Pierre Maspero’s restaurant on the corner of Chartres and St. Louis. Being new to the city we went ahead with our plans to meet at Cafe Brasil in the Marigny, and joined the wacky Krewe de Vieux parade as the revelers began to make their way to the French Quarter. Later we found out that there is some sort of pecking order and even secret handshakes that discriminate participation from those who are recently arrived, come from Yankee territory and on top of that are fun and great hosts. The rumor is that one Kathy from Canal Street almost had the vapors when we inadvertently inquired about adding the Krewe of the Mistickal Nights of the Tango to the roster of the politically incorrect parade. Sorry K, get over it.

Left to right, there is Phyllis, Valorie, Gary, Eva and Eddie. Next is Warren and Phyllis showing off.

Julio with Barbara and the back of Edwin. Warren and Phyllis showing off again. Alberto with Phyllis

Eddie, Phyllis and Aaron. Eddie with Eva, and Ed and Barbara

Natalia and Eva. Natalia, Mary Ann and Phyllis. Warren and unidentified female

Eddie with Mary Ann. Alberto with Mary Ann. Gary and Phyllis

Julio with Valorie. Warren and Mary Ann. Julio and Alberto

Mary Ann, Phyllis and Warren. Eva and Edwin

Eddie and friend. Phyllis, Aaron and friend. Eva and Valorie

Joe and Sabina. Morgan

Phyllis and Gary. Aaron and Bruce. Eva and Gary

Sean, Eva, Julio, Phyllis and Gary. Alberto with Natalia. Ed and Barbara, Warren in the back

Alberto and Valorie. Ed and Barbara. Sean testing how far her back can bend without cracking

It was a great party with plenty of tango dancing and a warm feeling of camaraderie. It looks like this is going to be a nurturing, kind and gentle community to grow the city into a great tango destination.