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Posted June 6, 2013 by Alberto & Valorie

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  1. dancing a milonga at all nite milonga- nyc 25 july 2015, with Valorie Hart- a revelation. i destroyed the milonga… as it can happen, and Valorie was all over it, taking my roustabout manner into her expertise and covering my ass. Laughing. A lessor dancer would have resented or pitied my milonga furor, but she knew this was possible and with great grace covered my roughshod tracks with finesse and it was for me a tango moment. now i review her style on youtube with Alberto granting her moves with intense musicality. What a pairing. Now i see the Gavito connection and imagine ‘i danced with Valerie.’ raving about this woman with the red shoes to Adam Hoopengardner, little realizing he cut his teeth with her and Alberto a decade ago. i am preparing for my Pugliese with Valorie, to be continued.

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