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Milonga traspie workshops with Alberto and Valorie

For the first time in the region, we will be introducing tango dancers to the “milonga traspie.”
The term “traspie” is a short form version of “pie detras” which literally means foot behind, and when applied to the dancing of tango and milonga it describes an action similar to skipping, or taking two steps with the same foot while the other foot is locked behind.
In tango dancing we use “traspie” to switch from parallel system to cross feet system or to syncopate with a double step.
In milonga traspie, we take the concept further by developing an entire different style of milonga dancing suitable to what it’s called “smooth” or “slow” milongas.

We follow, practice and foster the legacy of legendary milonga traspie dancers like the late Omar Vega, Gustavo Chidichimo, Flaco Danny and many other unheralded milonga traspie dancers…
We think that you will thoroughly enjoy learning a new and fun way to dance the milonga to add to your repertoire.
We hope you will join us in adding a new excitement to your weekly enjoyment in the city, across the lake and in the capital.

Milonga traspie workshops with Alberto and Valorie

Definition and concept of the Milonga traspie. Technique and posture.
Musicality, Rhythmic expression, classic figures and adornments, improvisation

Part 1, Sunday July 1, 2012
3 – 5:30 pm
Leila Haller Dance Academy
4916 Canal St.
New Orleans, LA 70130


For your convenience, you can register on line via secure server Paypal,

$25 per person, click HERE please.

$40 per partners, click HERE please

$20 for regular students of Ector and Kerry and out of towners, click HERE please

Or, catch us at the Eiffel Society on Tuesdays and the Presbyterian Church on Fridays.
It all else fails, mail your registration check to,

Valorie Hart
808 Washington Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130

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