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At What Point

Few people understand that embracing the tango as a way of life and as a way to make a living has exposed us to the full range of human emotions, virtues and shortcomings. We learned to understand that the way some people behave has an impact, among other things, on our livelihood… and that those who defame know exactly what they are doing.

Before settling where we are now, we traveled the length and width of this country bringing the gift of tango to countless individuals and fledgling communities.We had the unique fortune of being mentored by wise people from whom we learned that when we hear gossip about us, we need to take the high road… When we hear that people criticizes us, we must fly higher… When someone is out to harm us, we soar above the frail remembering that rats are afraid of heights.

But still, at what point someone says, “No, I have known him, her, or them for over 13 years, 13 months, or13 weeks and I have never heard him, her, or them say that, I have never seen him, her, or them do that, and I have never met anybody that supports what you’re saying,” and sets in motion the cleansing and rejection of toxic gossip and innuendo that keep a community from growing healthy?

Posted April 22, 2012 by Alberto & Valorie in PEOPLE

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