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It seems that 2006 was a very busy year for us, according to a recently found CD with a series of videos of performance at various locations. Somehow the memory of these presentations had been erased from the cognitive mind, much like the good times during the kids growing years vanish after they start acting like jackasses forgetting everything they’ve been taught. Or at least, that’s what one thinks simmering in a latent state of resentment

There is no doubt that we were happy to walk into a ballroom function, and step onto the dance floor to show “two styles of argentine.” The beige suit was acquired in Buenos Aires during our Katrina exile, and I recently took it to the tailor for a two size shrinking alteration.

But what really strikes me as I watched the performances, is the appreciative reaction from the audience to even the simplest of moves improvised as we go through the motions of a tango and a vals cruzado. Valorie tells me that ballroom people are taught and encouraged to applaud, cheer and show their appreciation to a performing couple. Maybe you’d like to watch…

Dancing in front of an appreciative ballroom audience at a Senior Center on July 22, 2006

Posted August 6, 2010 by Alberto & Valorie in Out of town

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