Today the Festival and Mundial de Tango came to an end with a great closing milonga at the Harrods building in downtown Buenos Aires. As milongas go, we expected people to attend and the live orchestra to thrill the crowd that would come to listen and those who came to dance. The dancing exploded into the street, and Calle Florida become another dance floor.

Well, there he was Anibal Gomez recreating the sounds of the Orquesta Caracteristica Feliciano Brunelli and the place was packed wall to wall. The characteristic orchestra in the 40’s and 50’s was like a Lawrence Welk-like all around orchestra that played fox trots, polkas, cumbias, valses, pasodobles, and milonga among many other popular rhythms favorites at the time. The sound of the accordion was predominant and the rhythm section was supported by guitar, bass, and drums.

But the icing on the cake was the Los Reyes del Tango Orchestra alternating sets with the Caracteristica for an incredible evening full of spontaneous dancing in every available space of the old mega store of the fifties.

A beautiful aerial view of one of the dance floors inside the Harrods building. People were dancing, people were watching, everyone was sharing a state of unadulterated enjoyment on an unforgettable hot Sunday evening in the Buenos Aires winter.

Dancing with the Anibal Gomez Orquesta Caracteristica

Dancing with Los Reyes del Tango

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3 responses to “IT ACTUALLY DID (GET BETTER)

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  1. We’re so proud of our tango teachers-Valorie and Alberto! Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog with us!

    What do you know about Gabriel Misse and Natalia Hills? They will perform in NY Sept 24 and 25 and Alastair Macaulay, critic for the NY Times is gaga over them. Have you seen them and do you know where we can next ‘catch’ their show?

    Barbara and Edwin Beckman
  2. Loved seeing you two dance without all those other people in the way, as well as the clip of all the REAL Argentines dancing. (And Valorie, how WONDERFUL your little red-edged dress turned out!)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS, and thank-you for representing our age/inter-continental
    couples’ group so well. Glad to hear that you are enjoying yourselves
    in beautiful Buenos Aires. Please let me know where and when I can read about your
    Tango Mundial experience 🙂

    Besitos y abrazos,

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