Dancing from the heart
This is  Alberto writing.

Last night we couldn’t sleep on account of the anxiety and uncertainty we were experiencing about the outcome of our struggle to make it through both days of qualifying rounds. The truth is that one week before traveling, the good doctors at Tulane hospital wanted to look for possible artery blockages in my (Alberto) body, and were not too happy about my refusal to let them poke his veins, and his insistence on traveling anyway.

Our adventure in Buenos Aires has been full of excitement, including me getting very nervous with uncontrollable anxiety and dancing with pain in the chest. Yesterday he chewed two aspirins before our round, and after the second song he put a nitroglycerin pill under the tongue. That helped a lot, and our dance was a great deal better than the day before. We actually enjoyed it so much that our hopes were raised to a reasonable level of expectation. We were so proud of each other.

The morning started with a very pleasing surprise, we received an email that read,

Alberto and Valorie, how is everything,?

What a surprise seeing you participating in the Dance World Cup! I did not know that you were in Bs. As. nor that I’d be judging your dancing yesterday! I congratulate you for your simple, elegant and musical dancing, and for the courage it took to join 470 participating couples! It was odd having to give a score to people I love and admire. I hope you are chosen to continue

No judge knows the points the other judges score. We are constantly watched and monitored so we don’t speak with each other or even exchange looks. So I don’t know how you fared… The score range is from 5 to 9 points, but nobody gives a 9 to anybody, because if the points given by a judge are too high with respect to the others, it is discarded. So I gave you an 8 to make sure it counts and gets added to the total score.

Much luck today!

It certainly helps being noticed and recognized, but that could actually work both ways. Anyway, we got on our way to Festival headquarters with mixed emotions, already wondering how my heart would handle the added excitement of the competition, even God forbid if we’d made it to the finals. We were certainly disappointed when our names were not called among the list of 65 couples moving on to the semifinals Friday. We actually placed 150 with a total score of 6.583. But considering all we had to deal with, we are very grateful of being able to be here, to have participated in two intense journeys, and to have danced our hearts out, literally and physically as well.

We are forever grateful to our sponsors, our friends and our peanut gallery for the unconditional show of love and support.

Posted August 26, 2009 by Alberto & Valorie in Out of town

14 responses to “DANCING FROM THE HEART

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  1. Fabulous

  2. you two are adorable!! congrats!!!

  3. You guys look great! What a wonderful experience! It makes me happy to see you living your dreams and having someone like Valorie to share them with. Besos! G 🙂

  4. Hi Alberto and Valorie,

    Congratulations on your achievement! Just getting to compete and dance in Bs.As as a representative of the US Argentine tango community must have been exhilarating! Continue to do what you love: live the tango!


  5. This is wonderful. I’m happy for you both. Have the time of your lives as you live your dreams. I’m smiling from here in NY. You both inspire me.

  6. Dear Valorie,

    The last couple of weeks I’ve been nailed to the wall at home and at work, and finally gave up trying to keep up with reading and commenting on blogs for most of this week. And so, it is only now that I am reading the account of your adventures in Argentina.

    That’s not to say I haven’t had you two on my mind. I was well aware of when you were leaving for Buenos Aires and said a prayer for your safe travel. (And I’ve thought extra thoughts of you as we’ve had Tango music going in the house quite often the past few weeks. After reading your & Alberto’s “Gotta Tango” book, I created a Tango station on my Pandora internet radio account. Jeff and I both love it and have it on for hours at a time! I told him I wanted him to get all the feeling and movement of Tango music in his blood so that it would feel familiar to him when we someday learn (or begin to learn) Tango in New Orleans. We will be a challenge to teach.). And so, I have I just sent up another prayer for Alberto’s health, for your remaining time in Argentina, and for your safe travel home.

    Warmest congratulations to you and Alberto for advancing to the Tango World Cup in Buenos Aires and for finishing so well amongst hundreds of dancers from around the world! I am so impressed and inspired. I truly, truly am! I wish you all the greatest enjoyment as you catch up with friends and favorite places for the rest of your stay.

    I’ll check out ALL the videos of your competition and comment by tomorrow!


  7. 150 out of 470 is no small achievement! Heart-felt congratulations to you! And, thank you for keeping us all connected through your posts.

    You need to know that part of you dances whenever I dance. Whenever I think of tango, sing, dance, teach tango, your teaching and dancing and encouragement (and Alberto’s singing 🙂 are all coming through. I am forever grateful for what you gave me personally.

    Enjoy your stay in the city, dance some more, and return home safely.

  8. Oh, my dears:
    Does anything else matter but dancing from the heart in the moment, and holding each other close? You are both stars in MY heart, and I hope one day to visit and see you slow dance together. What is important is the love you have for each other, life, and the dance! You are both an inspiration to us out here who have “two left feet”, but full hearts! Wishing you happy days, robust health, and soaring flights in clouds!
    Love, Mo

  9. Thank you Renae.
    Valorie thanks you too, and suggests that I make it clear that it I who’s writing about my heart, not hers.


  10. Thank you for the words of encouragement and support.

    It is I, Alberto, the one with health issues.

  11. Valorie and Alberto,

    Just by looking at the two of you, love transmits through the wires. Thanks so much for sharing your journey so far. Miz V….many prayers for you and the health of your heart…be careful.

    Much love and hugs!

  12. You should have told me you were going I would love to have been there to cheer you on. Great score and both of you look really good and more rested!
    caio y tango

  13. You should have told me you were going I would love to have been there to cheer you on. Great score and both of you look really good and more rested . Stay away from the beef and eat more of that great chargrilled chicken they do so well there.
    caio y tango

  14. Alberto & Valorie,

    Glad you guys are fullfilling a dream. And congrats on you success. Sis please dont let your health issue linger, I love you and with my own heart issues i worry . So please get checked out.

    love you

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