This event establishes Buenos Aires as a mecca for tango dancers from all over the world.

The competition will select the best dancers in the categories “Salon Tango”, which stresses the social aspect of the tango dance as a typical porteño practice, and “Stage Tango”, which aims to enrich the dance from a choreographic point of view related to the performance as a show, among 400 couples representing 25 countries.

As a consequence of our first place placement in the 3rd US Tango Championship held in NYC, we have received an invitation to represent the US at the 7th Dance World Cup that will take place in Buenos Aires from August 23 – 31.

While the New York experience was mostly private and personal, the unexpected outcome has presented us with the unique opportunity of attending and participate in the major tango competition in the world representing the US. For that, we have each and everyone who’s ever shared our love of tango to thank for.

We would love to pursue this incredible opportunity but we will need the generosity and support of a very special and unique set of friends. You’all know who you are.

In exchange for your generosity we are offering 30 hours of private lessons at $100 per hour for a single, a couple or a group, to be used personally by you or given away as a gift to persons of your choice, as a way to raise the funds we need to travel to Buenos Aires to participate in the Dance World Cup.

Should you choose to become one of our sponsors, please indicate how many hours you would like to pledge, and signify your decision by mailing a check for the chosen amount to,

Valorie Hart
808 Washington Ave
New Orleans, LA 70130

Should you find it more convenient to use a credit card through the safe and secure PAYPAL website, please SEND the payment to, indicating in the message “Best wishes!

We are very grateful of being able to make this solicitation to you with the absolute confidence that whether you take any action or not, we will continue feeling fortunate and grateful about your friendship and the special way you treat us every time we get together.

Keep an eye on the PLEDGE’S METER below to see how our goal is being met and what cities are showing their support.

1 Tallahassee, FL – 8/12/09
2 Tallahassee, FL – 8/12/09
3 Tallahassee, FL – 8/12/-09
4 New Orleans, LA – 8/13/09
5 New Orleans, LA – 8/13/09
6 New Orleans, LA – 8/13/09
7 New Orleans, LA – 8/13/09
8 New Orleans, LA – 8/13/09
9 New Orleans, LA – 8/14/09
10 New Orleans, LA – 8/14/09
11 New Orleans, LA/New York, NY – 8/14/09
12 New York, NY – 8/17/09
13 New Orleans, LA – 8/17/09
14 New Orleans, LA – 8/17/09
15 New Orleans, LA – 8/18/09
16 New Orleans, LA – 8/18/09
17 New Orleans, LA – 8/19/09
18 New Orleans, LA – 8/19/09
19 New Orleans, LA – 8/19/09
20 New Orleans, LA – 8/19/09

Posted August 19, 2009 by Alberto & Valorie in HOME

5 responses to “THE ROAD TO THE 7th DANCE WORLD CUP

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  1. Dear Valorie and Alberto,

    Congratulations on taking first place in the competition in NYC !!! You two have always been the best.

    Love, Dorothy

  2. Dear Alberto and Valerie,
    How wonderful and exciting – now you are world famous! And deservedly so! I am so very happy for you. Wishing the best of luck at the World Dance Cup!
    Warm regards,
    Sharon DeCelle

  3. Dear Alberto and Valorie,

    You’ll always have first place in my heart — but now go get the gold in Buenos Aires.

  4. To Valorie and Alberto,

    I looked in my closet and saw all these shoes! I thought “Do I need another pair right now?”
    No, yes, no, but, my friends need to go to Argentina to compete. That’s more important to me!
    Here is my pledge for 1 hour.
    Good luck and have fun, love ya both.

  5. Dear Alberto & Valorie,

    Whether you place, win, or just enjoy the honor, we are proud to claim you as our mentors and teachers!
    May your performance be the best it can!

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