A DREAM COME TRUE   28 comments

All photos (available for purchase HERE) courtesy of photographer Kai Cheung

The 3rd US Tango Championship is history

The day finally arrived and once more we headed for the Stepping Out Studios to dance the final three tangos on the first round of the finals with three other couples.

Highlights of our round of three tangos

Then there would be a second round with the four other salon finalists. After that four couples would compete in the stage category before the judges would retire to deliberate.

Salon and Stage participants with Sid Grant, seventh from the left

The music selected by DJ Yesim tonight was perfect for our mood and our style. The previous day anxiety and nervousness was replaced with a taste of Malbec to tone the muscles and calm the mind. The tanda started with a Di Sarli classic, followed by a lively Biagi. When the chords of Al compas del corazon from the trademark sound of Miguel Calo signified the third and final song of the first round, we couldn’t help but to share an intimate smile as the countless times we have danced it since we first did it in 1995 took over us for the next three minutes .

The way we dance tonight

The way we waited the judges decision

The way we were overtaken when they called our number

The way we turned into each other

The way the people greeted our accomplishment

The way it settled in being recognized as the best tonight

Alberto Paz - Valorie Hart

The way we smiled for all our friends in our tango world

Tango SALON 1st PLACE – Valorie Hart and Alberto Paz
Tango SALON 2nd PLACE – Selena and Alberto Hoyos
Tango SALON 3rd PLACE – Sarah La Rocca and Lexa Rosean

28 responses to “A DREAM COME TRUE

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  1. Felicitaciones!!!

    Realmente estoy muy contento por este triunfo, tambien se que este triunfo es una recompensa a todo el esfuerzo que siempre y nunca dejaron de hacer a pesar de tremendas dificultades como las inundaciones en New Orleans y muchas otras cosas que solo ustedes deben saver. Les deseo mucha suerte en Buenos Aires!!

    Un gran beso a los dos!!!
    Armando Orzuza

    I’m really very happy with your triumph, I also know that this victory is a reward for all the hard work you never stopped doing in spite of the great difficulties such as the flooding of New Orleans, and many other things that only you really know. I wish you the best in Buenos Aires.

    A big kiss for the two of you!!
    Armando Orzuza

  2. Congratulations! !


  3. Congrat!.Mis mejores deseos desde el corazòn.
    Los veo aqui en Baires!!!!.
    Besos y abrazos.


    Luba Gousseff

  5. Bravo, Alberto Y Valorie!!!

    Congratulations on winning the US Tango Championship.
    Have a great time in BsAs, and win it for the US!!!!

    I read your blog about Facundo and Kelly, it was touching and sweet, I enjoyed the photos and videos very much.

    Jan Snead
    Tanguera la Rubia Pasionada

    PS-I’m saving up for a copy of your book and will someday get to New Orleans for your B&B Tango experience.

  6. Alberto and Valorie:
    Congratulations for the winning up there.
    Rafael Jarpa

  7. I want to congratulate Valorie and Alberto for winning first place at the 3rd Annual Salon Tango Championship in New York City this past month.

    This is a great achievement for them and definitely a nice addition to their career in the world of tango.
    Now we have tango champions in our own back yard. Well done!!!!!!


  8. Hola, Alberto y Valorie!

    Acabo de enterarme que ganaron el concurso de tango 2009! Bien merecido, no sólo por calidad de baile, sino por calidad de gente, trabajadores incansables, productores de cultura.
    Vaya aquí mis felicitaciones con un fuerte abrazo,

    Gustavo Benzecry Sabá

  9. Valorie,
    You and your husband opened a completely new side of tango for us! Was a pleasure to meet both of you!

  10. So very proud of your win in NYC! Way to go! I just watched the video and am so impressed. What a great pair you to truly are!

  11. Alberto and Valorie,

    Congratulations on placing first in the salon competition at the 3rd USA Tango Championship!

    That is quite an honor.

    Amy and Ray

  12. Yeay!!! many, many loving congratulations to you, “la mariposa.” and to alberto! we are honored to have you representing us…! absolutely no one is more deserving of the championship than you both…xoxo!”

  13. I’m popping my buttons with pride. Yall are just adorable and SO talented!

  14. La BARRA !! Sumamente Orgullosa


    Denise y Julio

  15. Dear Alberto and Valorie,
    Wonderful to read your good news today! We’re so proud of you two…winning the Salon Tango Championship, and with those excellent judges, Junior, Jorge and Guillermina. Great photo of you, too. Wish there were a way to see some of your dancing that night.

  16. Dear Valorie and Alberto,
    Congratulations on your recent accomplishment…U.S Champions for Salon Tango.
    Our best wishes go out to two gifted and talented dancers who are always willing to share dance experience and knowledge of the Tango World, past and present.
    ‘Til we meet again,
    A tango kiss for each of you,

  17. Well done Alberto and Valorie!
    All the best,

  18. Hi Alberto and Valorie,

    I just wanted to congratulate you on winning the tango salon championship in nyc over the weekend. I hope you will post some of your dancing on the planet tango website.


  19. Oh, that is so freakin’ cool! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed seeing the video, and I’m just so in awe. Congratulations Valorie and Alberto!
    Love, Carey

  20. Alberto & Valorie,
    You guys rock!! Congratulations on the great win!

  21. Hello Valorie and Alberto,

    I just received the email about your winning the tango championship in NYC last night.
    That’s fantastic!!

    I’m still in Gainesville and have given up on tango here. Instead, I’m dancing west coast swing!

    I’ll be returning to Jax in a few weeks and will let you know how tango is going there.


  22. How wonderful, Congratulations!

  23. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you and Valorie. I thought about you on Friday night and I was SO excited to learn of the results yesterday.

    This means you will be in Buenos Aires, no? If so, I leave in two weeks, so I will be there to cheer you on.


  24. Valorie and Alberto,

    It is so tango to follow your hearts, which you’ve always done, and find your inner connections — which lead to this kind of success. Champions – I’m so proud and happy for you, congratulations!

  25. Hi Valorie and Alberto

    How exciting! Hope you took time to enjoy the city while you were there! Congratulations and hope to see both of you in Ft. Walton Beach soon.

    Arlene and Tom

  26. Congratulations Alberto and Valorie on your US Salon Tango Championship!!
    Nice going 🙂

    Hope you are having fun in NYC, aside from the intensity of competing….

    Un abrazote…. ~ judith

  27. Indeed congrats are in order. We have always known that they are the BEST.


  28. Dear Friends,

    Please join me in congratulating Valorie and Alberto for their FIRST PLACE win at the 3rd USA Salon Tango Championship finals in New York last evening!

    What an exciting and richly deserved accolade for our dear teachers and friends!

    V & A: We are all so proud of you!


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