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Sometimes the simplest of problems lead to some wonderful solutions.

Doug and Catherine are good friends from the early days. Doug has been one of the contacts that facilitated our visits to Ithaca, NY over the years. He has then joined the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and spends a lot of his time at sea. Catherine is a university professor and she was coming to New Orleans to present a documentary she produced. Doug decided to come and join her.

When Doug wrote about their visit we were very happy to see that the weekend they would be in town coincided with the monthly dance at Lucy’s, so we made plans to go together and dance. The Wednesday before that, we found out that Lucy’s had been moved one week ahead because June 21 was Father’s Day.

At the Thursday class at La Thai, we were surprised to see Steven from Santa Cruz, CA via New Orleans, LA. He too was in town and looking forward to Lucy’s milonga. Just before we left we asked the owners if the tango room would be available Sunday, and to our surprise they said yes. So the Who’s Your Daddy milonga was born. The challenge now was to spread the word and hope for the best.

We couldn’t have been more pleased as the dancers of our community showed up in force and the party was a great success.

I don’t remember ever receiving an ecard within hours of the completion of a tango dance party, or a bottle of fine wine or a book with a Happy Father’s Day wish.

Actually I don’t remember how I got home Sunday night. I do remember Abita beer and FiorelIa’s fried chicken, crashing Clive’s gig at the Palm Court, and most important, I do remember the capacity crowd that filled the tango room at La Thai.

We are very grateful to each one of the participants for giving us the opportunity to show our friends Steven, Doug and Catherine a bit of what a healthy and nurturing tango community could be when people allow their good side to guide their actions.

With two days notice, it was an unexpected pleasure to see so many people engaged in the ritual of dancing and nothing else.

Posted June 21, 2009 by Alberto & Valorie in NEW ORLEANS FUN

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