March came as a lamb and went as a lion. We had major storms towards the end of the month, and once again we saw the river pass by our front porch. This time the downpour lasted much longer than usual and the pumps that suck up the water and spit it into the lake couldn’t keep up. It was too late to get the car off the street, so we spent a good hour with our fingers crossed, hoping that the old bimmer would not sail away down to Magazine street. Fortunately the water never went over the tires but later we found out that it had managed to sip in from under the chassis and the interior carpets were drenched. Holy mold Batman!

Oh well, I meant to tell you about the excitement of going the next day, March 31, to a local university to teach a pro bono tango lesson to a group of young students as part of the cultural outreach program the university has. One of our newest tango dancers, fresh from Buenos Aires made the arrangement as part of her job as a Spanish Language Assistant.

Sorting out streets that were still wet from the night before storm, we set up our boom box in a recreation hall with a hard carpeting floor. A couple of dozen young men and women spent the next hour and half enjoying and having fun with the intricacies of arrepentidas and giros interruptus. As always we lit the flame, now let’s hope they find a place to practice and dance.

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  1. What you’re doing with classes like those is a truly wonderful thing. If it had not been for the free classes at my university, I might never have had the nerve to start learning tango.

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