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Wrap your arms around life and let yourself go
The Third New Orleans TangoFest
July 9-11, 2004
Hotel Monaco

Alberto and Valorie Daniela and Armando Todd and Marizabel

Opening and Teachers Exhibitions

The Tangofest was a very stimulating and informative as well as enjoyable event.
People spent day one enjoying the beginner and intermediate classes and they were very much impressed by the instructors for their patient and precise basic exercises. They were much challenged during the second day but again thoroughly they enjoyed all the instructions. The two evening events were spectacular and everyone was much inspired by so many good dancers on the floor.

Each year the festival creates an opportunity for students to measure their progress, their stamina, their endurance for muscle aches and foot pain. It was also a wonderful time for renewing old acquaintances and making many new friends and converts (we hope) to tango.

It was a wonderful weekend. For many it was the best festival yet and the memories continue. What a great time was had by all, and some even learned some tango while enjoying themselves. The classes were not only good, they were fun. Time went so fast.. the teachers were very attentive to individual needs and were still able to cover plenty of material. We think that the organization of classes into levels of experience helped that. The lowest common denominator was pretty high!


Three levels of lessons made this event accessible to every Tango dancer. Lessons covered Tango, Mlionga, Vals.
The festival was held at the Hotel Monaco, a new hotel that offered gourmet food and many outstanding amenities. (The hotel was once a Masonic Temple, and the architecture must be seen!)
The crowd was very friendly and courteous to one another on the floor. Classes began at 10 am, and the nightly Milongas lasted until the wee hours.


It was a wonderful weekend…We’re already looking forward to TangoFest 2005!

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