1996 EVITA, THE MILONGA   Leave a comment

Let me entertain you, might be what Eva Peron might say were she still be alive to witness the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice musical Evita recently released by Hollywood Pictures and distributed by Buena Vista.

It is a rock opera, it is Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. It is Hollywood. It is Madonna, and yes, it is Evita. If you have any negative vibes against any of that, you will probably hated it. If you have an open mind and wish to be entertained, you will see an incredible amount of comic strip Argentine history packed into two hours. But hurry because first week hype in major cities this film will not have the legs of trashy fun like Travolta‘s Michael, or Tom Cruise’s Jerry Maguire.

Meanwhile, on December 28, the Southern California tango community was treated to the most authentic and traditional Argentine tango party ever. Over two hundred people attended Evita, the milonga, hosted by Alberto Paz and Valorie Hart at the Hollywood Dance Center. They came from as far as Tokyo, New York, Northern California, Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, and San Diego. The exquisite taste and creative vision of Valorie, La mariposa, set the stage for a unique tango dancing experience.

A candlelit Evita shrine, complete with Santa Evita botanica candles, Casablanca lilies, an Argentine flag and a 3-foot high official portrait of Eva Peron, dominated the center of the lounge complemented with a guest bar and a large screen video display showing the best of Solo Tango, Tango bar and other tango videos.

On the main floor, a delicious buffet, a carefully mixed musical set, and the creme de la creme of Southern California tangueros traded floor skills with their counterparts from Northern California and San Diego. Pictures tell a thousand words, so have fun enjoying the images of a great time.

Part 1 – The dancing – People watching

Part 2 – The presentations and exhibitions

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